Faiz Ahmed Faiz:
1.   Umeed-e-Sahar
2.   Aaj Bazaar Men Pa-ba-jaulaan Chalo
3.   Intesaab
4.   Ham Daikhen Gey
5.   Ham Ke Thehre Ajnabi
6.  Phir Barq Farozan Hai Sar-e-Waadiye Sina
7.   Kidhere Na Paindiyan
8.   Bol Keh Lab Azaad Hain Tere
9.   Yeh Daagh Daagh Ujala Yeh Shab Gazeeda Sahar
10. Donon Jahan Teri Muhabbat Main Haar Ke

Documentaries by John Pilger:

1.   The War you don’t see
2.   The War On Democracy
3.   Nicaragua A Nation’s Right To Survive

Hugo Chavez: On Imperialism,  Terrorism and Revolution

A Tribute to Che Guevara:  A song by Natalie Cardone

Million March led by 5 year old in Alexandria: Video

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