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Supercomputer Passes Turing Test

Can a computer trick a human into thinking it’s actually a fellow human? That question gave birth to the “Turing Test” 65 years ago.

Eugene Goostman, a computer programme made by a team based in Russia, succeeded in a test conducted at the Royal Society in London. It convinced 33 per cent of the judges that it was human, a 13 years boy, said academics at the University of Reading, which organised the test. It is thought to be the first computer to pass the iconic test.

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P. Higgs and F. Englert win 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics

………….  The Higgs boson, a sub-atomic particle that pervades the Universe, is crucial to something called the Standard Model, which attempts to unite the building blocks of matter with three of the four known forces of nature – only gravity is left out.

Until Peter Higgs, Francois Englert and Robert Brout came along with their theory in 1964, the Standard Model was under threat because it could not explain how sub-atomic particles – and hence all matter in the Universe – have mass and therefore structure.

The proposition of a sub-atomic particle that creates a field through which other particles interact was the missing piece of the puzzle. It is this interaction between matter and the field created by the Higgs boson that imparts mass to matter. ………..


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Where Has The Antimatter Gone: Physics at CERN

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent of  The Telegraph

Large Hadron Collider: results hint at where all the antimatter has gone.

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have seen tantalising clues that may help to explain why the universe around us is made from matter rather than its opposite form antimatter.

Researchers hunting for antimatter at CERN, the city sized science complex where the LHC is based, have found that particles of matter decay differently from their antimatter cousins.

Current theories suggest that after the Big Bang that created the universe, there were equal amounts of matter and antimatter created.

However, when particles of matter meet their antimatter opposites, they annihilate each other with an explosion of energy. ………………..

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Lalarukh Hussain: A rare woman

Lalarukh Hussain died of brain hemorrhage on Wednesday, March 20, 2013  in Los Angeles. She was “Lali” for those close to her. No one who met her can forget the eversmiling fresh face of hers.

She joined the left-wing National Students Federation in the late 1960s and participated in the movement against Gen. Ayub Khan’s military dictatorship. She was a high quality journalist and worked for several newspapers and magazines of Pakistan. In her journalistic career she became editor of a couple of magazines. She earned her degree in journalism from the University of Karachi in 1972.

She was active member of Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) and PFUJ. During the military dictatorship of Gen. Ziaul Haq in  1978 she was  in the forefront of the  historic movement of journalists for  press freedom spearheaded by PFUJ. She joined the hunger strike.  She, in a brave manner, courted arrest with her one year old child.

She participated in the struggle of factory workers, teachers  and women for their rights. Her life will always inspire those who  fight against dictatorship and tyranny for the peoples’ rights,  justice and democracy.