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Computer Graphics

Graphic Projects in C#

  • 2D Transformation.            2DTransformations
  • 3D Transformation.            3DTransform     
  • 2DProjection                        Projection2D
  • Curves (2D)                         Curves      ……….
  • Bezier Curve                        Bezier

Graphic Projects in  OpenGL and C#

  • ColorLinePolygons               ColorLinesOpenGL
  • ABC of 3D OpenGL              ABCof3DGL
  • Eight 3D Curves                     3DCurves   …………

Mathematical Equations of 2D and 3D curves in MSWORD 

List of Curve Equations.      CurvesEquations

Computer Graphics: Projects

Bezier Surface Mesh

Projects in OpenGL and C#

Projects in C#

Implicit and Parametric equations of 2D and 3D curves:

Data to draw Platonic Solids & Bucky Ball

Tao Framework providing a Bridge to get OpenGL working in C#

Computer Graphics: Lectures

SphereCubeSlides (PPT):

Video Clips used in CGIntroAndHardware presentations describing new Display Devices are available on DVD or can be downloaded from

Floating Monitor 

2D and 3D curve equations in implicit and parametric forms