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Physics: Simulations

The simulations of Modern Physics at BS level are created by:

Mr. Naveed Alam, Lecturer Dept. of Physics, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology ( FUUAST ). Karachi Campus.

These simulations are part of physics workshop spread over nearly 6 months. It was funded by HEC for the college teachers of Karachi. The workshop was conducted in Dept. of Computer Science, FUUAST with Dr. Tahira as project director and a team of three teachers/instructors.

Tao Framework is used to embed OpenGL in C#. The simulation project is open source and requires at least DOT NET 3.0.

Modern Physics topics simulated in the project are listed below.

  1. Barrier Tunnelingcrystal
  2. Blackbody Radiation
  3. Compton Effect
  4. Crystal Structure
  5. Energy Bands
  6. Fission
  7. General Theory of Relativity
  8. Harmonic Oscillatorquarks01
  9. Particle in a Box
  10. Photoelectric Effect
  11. Quark Model
  12. Radioactivity
  13. Special Theory of Relativity
  14. Structure of Atom
  15. Wave Nature of Matter.

1st setup file includes runtime DotNet.

1.  SetUp_1 35 MB

2.  SetUp_2 1.8 MB

User Manuals:

User Manual 7.0 MB

UserManual4Modules 14.0 MB

Project Code (OpenGL in C#) 35MB

Computer Graphics: Projects

Bezier Surface Mesh

Projects in OpenGL and C#

Projects in C#

Implicit and Parametric equations of 2D and 3D curves:

Data to draw Platonic Solids & Bucky Ball

Tao Framework providing a Bridge to get OpenGL working in C#

Computer Graphics: Lectures

SphereCubeSlides (PPT):

Video Clips used in CGIntroAndHardware presentations describing new Display Devices are available on DVD or can be downloaded from

Floating Monitor 

2D and 3D curve equations in implicit and parametric forms