Higg’s Boson Discovered?:

Higgs boson: scientists confident they have discovered the ‘God particle’

11:04AM GMT 14 Mar 2013

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, announced today that after extensive testing it was “looking more and more” like the particle which they discovered last year was the Higgs boson.

Finding the Higgs plugs a gaping hole in the Standard Model of physics, the theory that describes all the particles, forces and interactions that make up the universe.

Today the collaborating scientists from ATLAS and CMS announced their results at the Moriond

Conference, in La Thuile, Italy, further confirming the “magnificent” discovery.

“The preliminary results with the full 2012 data set are magnificent and to me it is clear that we are dealing with a Higgs boson though we still have a long way to go to know what kind of Higgs boson it is.” said CMS

spokesperson Joe Incandela.  ………..

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