Antihydrogen Atoms Trapped:Science News

For the first time, scientists have trapped antimatter atoms—mysterious, oppositely charged versions of ordinary atoms—a new study says.

(Ker Than for National Geographic News Published November 18, 2010)

……… But the feat, undertaken a couple of months ago at the Geneva, Switzerland-based European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), paves the way to the potential solution of a fundamental cosmic conundrum. (Related: “Scientists Ponder Universe’s Missing Antimatter.”)

Theories predict that antimatter particles and matter particles have opposite electrical charges but are otherwise nearly identical. Whenever the matter and antimatter meet, they self-annihilate in a shower of pure energy.


Yet for all the similarities, scientists think matter and antimatter must differ in some other fundamental way. That’s because, even though matter and antimatter should have been created in equal amounts during the big bang, the universe we know is made almost entirely of matter.

…….. The unprecedented trapping of antimatter atoms for study is a key step toward understanding why nature seems to abhor antimatter. …..

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